Being an Entrepreneur is one thing, but successfully managing a BUSINESS can be something completely different. If you’re a budding or established small business looking for assistance in securing funding, writing a business plan, growing operations, improving staff, launching a new product line, or simply wanting to enhance your capacity for sustained profit….you NEED to contact Emily. She is equipped to help you advance your goals around the following components of your company:

  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • Digital Storytelling & Branding
  • Cashflow Projections & Breakeven
  • Business Planning for Start-ups
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Plans
  • Business Expansion Financing
  • Becoming Investor Ready


Emily brings a variety of expertise and experience to businesses to help them share a more compelling story with the world. She aims to work directly with clients to capture a more authentic message and delivery to convey the deeper story behind the work. Her team can provide the following services:

  • Branding Strategy and Project Management
  • Marketing Campaign Coordination
  • Video Production and Documentaries
  • Podcasting and Audio Blogs
  • Press Releases, Blogs and Media Management
  • Web Development, Online Promotion and Directory Management
  • Radio, Print and Television Advertisements
  • Graphic Design, Collateral/Print Design
  • Event Planning, Fundraising and Hosting (Live and Online)
  • Social Media Marketing

Market Research

Email Marketing

Branding Strategy

Social Media

Content Generation

Digital Publishing

Website Design

Multimedia Creation

Growing your business with CLARITY, intention, and knowledge around the systems that WORK…that is the key to sustainable SUCCESS. Let Emily help get you on the right path for your company.


Mompreneurs ImageMompreneurs: Balancing Parenthood and Business

Starting and managing a successful business is hard enough, but factor in a growing family and the demands reach epic proportions. Mompreneurs offers real-world strategies for coping with opposing emotional expectations, working around conflicting schedules, achieving time management when there aren’t enough hours in the day, and ways to be both a good parent and a good CEO. (Taught by moms – A great model for a Women in Business Luncheon)


Good Business ImageGood Business: Social Entrepreneurship in a For-Profit World

Building a company which makes money while making a difference is one of the greatest challenges of the newly embraced “Triple Bottom Line” culture. In Good Business, students will learn how social & sustainable entrepreneurs are successfully navigating the most common obstacles and implementing proven methods for their businesses to be both profitable & impactful. We’ll review real-world examples of ‘pay it forward’ rural entrepreneurs.


3CORE Branding Image3CORE Branding: Marketing Resonance, The Customer Experience, and Crafting a Digital Tribe

Staying competitive in today’s world of global entrepreneurship is not an easy task, especially considering all of the ways in which a small business must successfully construct an efficient and accessible brand. 3CORE Branding defines and addresses the three primary components of modern branding, as well as explains cost-effective methods for effectively modeling a competitive campaign. Learn some secrets of the trade and how small businesses can leverage their size, ingenuity & sense of community to overpower corporate brand loyalty.


CEO Confidence ImageThe CEO Confidence Factor: Your path to Entrepreneurial Greatness

Anyone can start a business, but very few have what it takes to become a truly memorable CEO. The demands and expectations placed upon those who strive to be an impressive business leader are becoming more stringent every day. Entrepreneurial leadership of the modern world requires a heavy dose of confidence, foresight, innovation, authenticity and adaptability. It asks more from us as business owners, team players and individuals than ever before. The CEO Confidence Factor not only discusses the most pivotal traits of forceful leaders, it also unveils the process one can go through in order to hone their own innate ability to inspire others to achieve greatness.


Regional Footprint ImageGrowing your Regional Footprint: How to build Connections, Partnerships, and Market Opportunity across regional lines

In today’s digital world, entrepreneurs can practically start any kind of business venture from any corner of the globe. However, the resulting social implications of the internet economy is now demanding far more from authentic personal connections than ever before. At Growing your Regional Footprint, entrepreneurs will learn how to successfully navigate the terrain of regional networking and partnership building to expand their footprint beyond the surrounding community. There will also be resources made available & local opportunities highlighted to support area efforts.


Business Plan Boot Camp

A 15 hour intensive weekend workshop focusing on all of the nitty-gritty components of a completed Business Plan. Integrating the curriculum of NC REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning) and the time-tested methods of Emily’s training team, the Boot Camp will help address:

  • Elevator PitchBusiness Plan Boot Camp
  • Executive Summary
  • Marketing Strategy – including the 5 p’s: Pricing, Product, People, Place & Promotion
  • Operations
  • Financials – including Cash Flow, Breakeven, Projections and more
  • Exit Strategy


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