Not your Momma’s Group Coaching Program

This 90-Day Program brings together ten local women to fearlessly build; 1) tougher business models, 2) bulletproof marketing plans, and 3) sales strategies that finally kick ass. Being a successful entrepreneur requires FOCUS, INTENSITY, AND GRIT…with the coaching of WNC’s top Women’s Business Expert, Emily Breedlove, GirlBoss Fight Club makes you stronger at all three.

Don’t back down from the Fight. Find better tactics.

Group Coaching

Led by top Business Coach, Emily Breedlove, small groups of 10 badass women entrepreneurs meet for 90 days

Business Growth

Strengthen your Business Model by fixing weakest areas, leveraging tools, and implementing proven systems

Marketing Campaigns

Complete a 12-month marketing plan with targeted research, editorial calendar, branding blueprint, and a content map

Sales Strategies

Prepare, Practice, and Polish your Modified Sales Strategy, including a new positioning statement and pitch prep

Train with a Local Circle of Badass Women Entrepreneurs

  • 90 Days of Intensive Business, Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • Weekly Check-ins (50% Face-to-Face, 50% Video Calls)
  • Private Facebook Group with Daily Activities and Support
  • Helpful Resources, Tools, and Templates to assist with work
  • Additional Multimedia and Webinars on corresponding topics.
  • Will only accept 10 women business owners per group
  • GirlBoss Fight Clubs launching in Franklin, Waynesville & Asheville

Suit up, Ladies. It’s time to Train.

Building prosperity through small business is extremely challenging when you don’t have the right tools, strategies, or support. GirlBoss Fight Club offers WNC women the coaching they need, while empowering them to be fearless in growing their businesses. Over 3 months, our small groups combine face-to-face meetings, video calls, private Facebook Groups, and additional resources to implement proven strategies for increasing sales.

Ten (10) women will be accepted per group.

Applications are currently open for Franklin, Waynesville, and Asheville.

Applications are due by January 25, 2018.


Three Months of Intensive Business Coaching

Month 1) Strengthen Business Structure: Do you know where your weakest areas are? Do you know where you have the greatest potential to scale? Emily will help you to identify the spaces in your business that are holding you back, and how to integrate more successful ways to drastically improve your revenue.

Month 2) Build a Marketing Plan: Don’t waste any more money on campaigns that fall flat. Marketing is both an ART and a SCIENCE. Without the strategy prepared ahead of time, and the tracking components assessed during the process, you can’t make the important decisions that increase your ROI. Take the time to do the research needed to effectively grow your network.

Month 3) Prepare a Sales Strategy: Sales doesn’t need to be scary, but they do need to be DONE. Every entrepreneur should have an intimate relationship with their sales process if they intend to grow their business. Emily will work directly with you on how to get more comfortable pricing your products, discussing your products, and closing the deal.

Professional Research & Strategy Development

Assess your systems, framework, and flow of your business: Identify the weakest areas and determine the most strategic ways to fix those components. Emily will bring helpful resources and insight into this process to help you uncover the best possible solutions to your problems.

Conduct market research and evaluate platform options: Don’t make broad or blind assumptions about your marketing. Work with Emily to find clear direction around connecting with your target markets, and reveal the top platforms for you to use to leverage your marketing budget.

Test sales tactics, package styles, and conversation rates: Growth never comes to those who stay hidden. If you want to seriously grow your business and improve your bottomline, you need a more aggressive sales strategy. Emily will help you polish your pitch, navigate the conversation process, and help you get more comfortable with having regular sales conversations with leads.


A Completed Plan to “Hit the Ground Running”

Business Model: Outline the proven ways to systematically improve Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability of your business. Implement the tools and systems best suited for your company.

Marketing Plan: With the research in-hand you will draft your 12-Month Marketing Plan, which includes a Target Market Breakdown, Branding Blueprint, Editorial Calendar, and Content Map. Emily will help you craft a plan based upon your specific budget, platforms, and timeline for 2018.

Sales Strategy: Polish and package your Sales Strategy, including your Pitch, Printed Collateral, Sales Funnel, and Onboarding Process. You will also practice having a sales conversation to improve your face-to-face conversation rates. It’s time to SELL, BABY!!


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