As someone who has come by her resilient nature very HONESTLY (and that is putting it nicely), I have also come to respect the role that resiliency plays in how I run my company. Scaling barriers, facing disappointment, and climbing out of some pretty deep holes is the harsh reality for ANY serious entrepreneur. If you want to fly, eventually you have to jump. And jumping hurts.

My life has had it’s fair share of trauma and struggle. I’ve learned how to face personal and professional failure, pain, heartache, and loss. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and months of time building events that were a total flop. I’ve put my heart and soul into programs that nobody liked. I’ve lost jobs, and bounced checks, and had to search couch cushions for spare change to pay for gas. I’ve had to say good-bye to close friends, family, and unborn children. I know loss and failure and darkness. I know it all too well.

And while life has tested my strength of character and my strength of will, I honestly think that’s why I do so well in the world of entrepreneurial vulnerability. My 30+ years have helped me to come to terms with horrific hardship and ultimately find my own ways of harnessing a deeper capacity for resilient recovery. I’ve mastered the art of the graceful bounce-back and discovered a resolve within myself that would otherwise be lying dormant.

I do, however, understand that not all people have been blessed (?) with a time-tested foundation of raw resiliency. As the term becomes more popular in the self-help and self-made circles, I try to hold the space for a more honest conversation about how to intentionally acquire and apply resiliency to business, even if life hasn’t already taught you the lessons of overcoming challenge.

And for those who are somewhat new to the experience of struggle, if you’ve chosen the life of an entrepreneur, then buckle up sister, it’s about to get bumpy! Taking the journey of becoming an entrepreneur is inherently difficult, simply because you are choosing to stand at the front-lines. By stepping forward and embracing the role of being a leader, a messenger, a teacher, a pioneer, a visionary….you are also allowing yourself to take the first blows. So plant your feet firmly, wear your armor proudly, and stand strong, dear one. It can be hard to be first in line, but the view is incredible.

Below is my pdf infographic on “5 Strategies for Building a Resilient Business,” so take a look and let me know how I can help you create a more solid foundation for resiliency in your company: