WEWNC is a regional partnership aimed at educating, empowering, and equipping Women Entrepreneurs of Western North Carolina. The initiative focuses on delivering highly targeted training, mentoring, and professional networking opportunities for female business owners operating across WNC.

Live Your Dream in 2018: PURPOSE & MISSION

FEMS, it’s time to rock what ya got and be the STAR you truly are! Join us January 2nd for PURPOSE & MISSION, a power-packed interactive experience with Master Transformation Coach, Krista-Lynn Landolfi.

More than a keynote, Krista-Lynn’s “Live Your Dream in 2018” presentation is an experiential coaching clinic sure to trigger an “A-Ha!” or two!

Your Takeaway:

  • Clarify your purpose (psst, it’s who you’re being, not what you’re doing)
  • Name your mission for 2018 & create anchor points for advancement
  • Chart course for awesome year!

Knowing who you are and how you best serve is the solid foundation that sets you up for success, fulfillment, and a life of deep meaning.

Register, now, to work with Coach Krista-Lynn, and discover simple ways to harness the power of your unique voice and channel it into creating the life of your dreams.

Girl, there’s no other YOU in all the world, that’s a superpower!

BONUS: Krista-Lynn is gifting the first 50 FEMS who register a “Scent of Success” swag bag, and all participants will walk away with some goodies for your Self-Care Toolbox, including quick “shift & lift” techniques to keep you fueled for a fabulous year.


Krista-Lynn Landolfi has been coaching people to greatness since 1990. Known in professional circles as the “coaches coach”, Krista-Lynn is sought after by high-impact influencers who desire to expand their reach, maximize results and increase their level of fulfillment.

Krista-Lynn’s speciality is “quality of life coaching”, which sets her clients up to thrive, flourish and prosper!Throughout her decades of professional service Krista-Lynn has helped thousands to actualize their awesome. When you’re ready to be the STAR you really are, Krista-Lynn is the coach you hire.

Krista-Lynn Landolfi is a multi-certified Master Coach who skillfully guides clients inward, so they can move onward and upward, with ease, grace and enjoyment.Whether you want to transform your body, your bank account, or pull a Madonna and completely reinvent yourself, SUPER-SELF COACHING™️ with Krista-Lynn helps you build a bridge between the person you are, and who you want to be.

Coaching with Krista-Lynn brings results: you will elevate your consciousness (bye-bye, BS Brain™️), align with your purpose, harness your power (hello, Super Self!) and transform your life. When you’re ready to say, “YES!” to living your dream, call Krista-Lynn: 828-490-SOUL (7685)

The CEO Intensives are monthly training programs offered to help WNC female business owners scale clear barriers to growth. The programs offer a rare opportunity to deep-dive with Industry Experts on the most pressing topics relevant to existing businesses. CEO Intensives are structured to ensure women are able to obtain the kind of concentrated education, targeted coaching, and professional insight required to adequately address the topic.

Monthly learning is delivered over 3 1/2 hours of varied engagement, including; 1) Keynote at Networking Event, 2) Webinar & Activities, 3) Face-to-Face Group Coaching Session, 4) Group Coaching Conference Call, 5) Private Facebook Group with Expert Trainer. We value your time, and are working to guarantee that high quality content is presented in methods which fit within complicated schedules. Our team is also committed to bringing together only the most qualified Expert Trainers and Content Instructors available, to certify the validity of all presented information.


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